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All You Need To Know About Kids Jiu-Jitsu

Believe it or not, Jiu-Jitsu is the most beneficial form of non-violent self defense for children and teenagers.  During these classes, a child can learn falling, takedowns, controls, and ‘tap outs’ among the older students.  Unlike other martial arts, our daily classes do not incorporate any punching or kicking elements but focus primarily on grappling.  Through demonstration, the students will learn a series of techniques in each lesson, and after preparation, they will have the opportunity to implement the technique in a supervised and control sparring session.  Due to the fact that we have removed all dangerous kicking and punching from training, students can spar during training sessions as well to increase their level of proficiency in the sport.  Children of all ages enjoy grappling and can learn how to use these movements with peers.

What Can I Expect On The First Day Of Class?
The majority of children and teenagers may feel nervous, reserved, and shy on their first day as this is a new type of activity.  There will be new positions and movements that are completely foreign to them, so it is natural to feel a sensation of awkwardness or timidity.  However, after a few minutes of instruction many children tend to relax because of the supportive environment.  Our aim at the beginning of the lesson is to make the warm-ups fun and fast-paced.  We encourage all children to join in with or without a uniform and gain a feel for the class.
While some children may prefer to watch the class at first, which they are welcome to do, many join in after some time.  We do not require any competition in the training sessions; however, many children enjoy trying their newly learned techniques and we end each class with fun games which are very popular.

What Are The Benefits Of The Children’s Program?

• Confidence

• Self defense

• Teamwork

• Fitness

• Self-esteem

• Friendships

• Attentiveness and focus

• Improved motor skills

• Accomplishments and rewards

• Sense of community

What Are The Seven Different Reasons Why Children Should Train In Jiu Jitsu?

There are many different reasons why a child should opt for training in jiu jitsu, but here are the top seven:

1.  Increased Coordination And Body Awareness
Learning the art of jiu jitsu requires a student to execute techniques containing many small and intricate details.  By learning these techniques, the child is able to develop fine motor skills, as well as gaining an understanding of balance and base.  By understanding balance, the child will make neuromuscular connections; thereby increasing their level of balance and coordination.  Not only will these skills be used in the training room, but they will then be used in other everyday activities, sports, and areas where body awareness is required.

2.  Focus And Discipline
Looking around, any person will notice that we live in a world filled with stimulation.  Children are highly affected by this intense stimulation and, as a result, ADD/ADHD is a growing problem.  It is said that focus and discipline are like muscles that need to be trained and exercised.  By learning the detailed techniques of jiu jitsu in a fun manner, children will be able to learn and execute these complicated tasks.  While this is an enjoyable activity, children are forced to pay attention to their instructor to be successful; therefore, the training can improve a child’s level of focus and discipline.  This can then translate into better relationships, better schooling, and a more beneficial quality of life.

3.  Improved Confidence
It is often heard that martial arts provides children with more confidence, and this is very true; however, I am going to state that jiu jitsu is the most beneficial.  Evidence has shown that jiu jitsu is different from traditional martial arts as you utilize everything learned in a single session with your training partners.
Training processes in jiu jitsu require two things – firstly, you need to know how a technique operations and how to perform the technique; secondly, you must know how to execute the movement against an opponent that is not being cooperative.  Our children’s classes have children performing live rolls in a secure environment at the end of each session, but this is part of the learning procedure.
In jiu jitsu you will not see a child breaking a board while screaming, but instead they will be engaged in physical combat situations attempting to grapple into a dominate position or escape the compromising or uncomfortable situation.  When a child performs a ‘flashy’ martial arts movement, such as breaking a board, with no true resistance then it offers them a false sense of confidence than cannot be carried over to the real world; in fact, it may be dangerous when they realize that this movement does not work outside of the training room.  Jiu jitsu on the other hand provides children with confidence and a true method for self defense without having to kick or punch another person.

4.  Socializing Opportunities
It is common for children to make many new friends during jiu jitsu training because they share similar experiences, such as the drilling techniques, live rolling, and martial arts games.  This is also a good method for children to learn communication skills with children of other ages, as well as authority figures including instructors and assistant instructors.  When a child attends jiu jitsu classes, you will see them grow and learn with new friends possibly maintaining these friendships for a lifetime.

5.  Fitness With A Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle
Jiu jitsu can be a demanding cardiovascular workout for children, but because of the entertaining aspect many children love engaging in this activity.  By training in jiu jitsu, a child can easily lose weight and build their energy or stamina levels for the demanding exercises.  The phrase ‘jiu jitsu lifestyle’ was coined in this type of martial arts to describe the way in which many jiu jitsu instructors live.  As jiu jitsu is a physically demanding practice, living a healthy lifestyle becomes a necessity and not an option.  To live this lifestyle, it is important to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and stretch the muscles daily to maintain flexibility.  This will help you gain more from yourself and use what you learn during jiu jitsu training sessions.

6.  Goal Setting And Achievement
There are various opportunities in jiu jitsu to test your abilities and measure the improvement; for example, receiving the next belt in training, completing a competition, using old techniques against new opponents, or performing new techniques while rolling.  Learning each day helps a child to reach farther and work harder.

7.  Increased Self Defense
Potentially the most beneficial aspect of jiu jitsu for children is the increased self defense.  Bullying is a true concern nowadays and jiu jitsu will provide your child with a strong bully deterrent.  The child may feel more confident as they have the resources to defend themselves and are no longer ‘easy prey’.

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